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Cathkin Braes Unveils Fully Automated Membership System for 920 Members for Club v1

from 81% manual data processing to 100% automated

Our latest case study with Cathkin Braes who have over 900 members & healthy waiting list shows how we increased Club v1 usage and automation. Read on how their newly implemented membership system, which has revolutionized the way the golf club operates. Using nooQ Golf & enhancing usage of Club v1, they have achieved their goal of becoming a fully automated golf club; it now takes only seconds to process member data that previously took 81% manual effort and up to 7 days to complete registrations. This shift will significantly increase member engagement and enable nooQ Golf to meet the needs of over 900 members in an efficient, organized manner.

The system also provides an intuitive dashboard with real time analytics, allowing them to get better insights into their members than ever before. Furthermore, enhanced security features mean that members’ information is safe and secure at all times. This new automation enables nooQ Golf to offer improved services and a more streamlined experience for its members.

Paper Bank Statement, Multiple Spreadsheets & Manual Data Updates

how things used to be

Cathkin Braes Golf Club was struggling with the amount of administration and overhead updating various spreadsheets outside Club v1 member management system which meant that it required months of manual data entry for membership renewals, subscriptions, and payment processing. The time-consuming nature of these tasks led to delayed updates, member balances could take weeks to correct, inaccurate financial reports, member dissatisfaction and the duplication of effort trying to balance the bank statements, club v1 and Sage accounting.


Previously we balanced the accounts line by line using bank statements 5-6 weeks after payments were made. We then made manual data updates in Club v1 for each payment. We had several spreadsheets marking members who had pre-paid in advance for the upcoming year, tracking Fairway Credit payments and separate spreadsheet manually maintaining joining fees as well. Getting an accurate picture of membership subscriptions, updating Club v1 and separately updating Sage accounts from bank statements, annual renewals process would take three people in the office busy for four to five months per year. 


To improve efficiency and reduce overheads, Cathkin Braes Golf Club sought to automate its processes and provide a seamless experience for members. They turned to nooQ Golf, who have developed a lot of techniques from banking into a powerful payment processing platform, which handles all the complexities of split payments, cash payments, members who pay up front and all the accounting and systems that need to be maintained outside of their club management system. The results have been nothing short of impressive.

Making Club v1 System of Record

We imported all data from spreadsheets and updated every member’s balance to make Club v1 the system of record. Using nooQ app we were able add more payment channels and update Club v1 from other places to maintain and update member balances from all payment sources so that members would be able to see their accurate account balances. Previously pre-payments, joining fees and ad-hoc payments were maintained outside Club v1. We adjusted how these payments were handled and processed to make it better for back office staff and members.

One of the huge benefits to working with nooQ was their flexibility and willingness to work with us, modify and implement tweaks that enhanced our process to suit our requirements.
Gordon Rennie
General Manager

Streamlined In-Person Payments

join & renew in the office & bar

Cathkin Braes Golf Club used nooQ Golf app to accept in-person payments in the office and bar using Stripe terminals to process the payment and also update membership records. Not just card payments, but handling split payments, joining fees, cash payments, members paying ahead of bills being issued as well. The integration between the club’s member management system and Stripe allowed instant updates of payment information, reducing manual entry errors and improving the accuracy of their records. Members balance would be updated and payment receipts in their inbox before they left the clubhouse

Flexible Payment Options

Numbers you can trust

Cathkin Braes was also able to offer its members multiple payment options, including online transactions, direct debit, and subscriptions in advance. This made the payment process more convenient for members, and in turn, increased the club’s retention rates. We were able to migrate from various other spreadsheets, to storing and handling pre-paid standing orders into Club systems improving its capability for charge items and handling more complex billing arrangements, whilst keeping those who pre-pay with an online balance displayed in the app for credit balances. Previously pre-paid members were not aware exactly of the pre-payment balance versus what future bills would offset that balance.

Complex and Split Payments

more options, more complexity

Handling complex payments and splitting payments between multiple payment types was a tedious process for Cathkin Braes Golf Club before nooQ Golf. With our new advanced features, members can now effortlessly manage split payments, cash payments, and part payments, enhancing their experience and simplifying the club’s financial management.

Improved Financial Reporting

up to the minute accuracy

The automation of payment processing allowed Cathkin Braes Golf Club to generate accurate and up-to-date financial reports. These reports help the management team better understand the club’s financial health and make informed decisions for the club’s growth and improvement. Typically it is a massive challenge to reconcile payments that occur outside club management systems. Standing orders, cash, pre payments, card payments, direct debits schemes not linked to Club v1 and all partial payments, missed payments that happen, it is understandable how trying to maintain accurate payment records becomes a headache when some systems are paper bank statements, spreadsheets and everything can change on a daily basis for hundreds of members. No wonder it is a challenge.

New Online Waiting List

Another change from spreadsheets, paper, manual processes and emails was the shift to use nooQ Golf app for the waiting list. The club had a healthy waiting list of close to fifty and didn’t want to lose applicants to other clubs if they were waiting years to join. Switching to nooQ online, meant all members were validated, vetted and issued bills online. Handling split payments for subscription, direct debits for joining fees and even part payments online, part payment in person were all taken care of. So the club were able to process 40 new members from the waiting list in minutes, which meant all new members we issued bills, money in the bank and welcome email packs without staff batting an eyelid.


Cathkin Braes Golf Club’s adoption of nooQ Golf, the improvements in accurate data, makes it a club to admire. A progressive club who have focussed not only on the course, the club committee have a modern club management system with a very streamlined membership process for new and renewing members but also improved the overall member experience. The club is now able to focus on providing exceptional services to its members, while enjoying the benefits of a more efficient and accurate financial system. The successful implementation of this solution serves as an example for other golf clubs looking to enhance their operations, improve cash flow, retain members and remain competitive in the industry.


Processing club 99% of all membership renewals in 3 weeks plus onboarding 40 new members in minutes has made a significant impact on the club cashflow and operations.