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Fully Integrated

all systems, payments & bookings connected to club v1 & intelligentgolf










Automate New Member Joining

new member applications

  • Fully automated New Member Applications
  • Customised and personalised application form
  • All online form fields are validated to match your specific membership rules, so only the appropriate membership types are offered
  • Post code distance calculation for Country Membership¬† against valid UK postcode
  • Secure and compliant payment capture and validation of debit/credit card/bank account details
  • Online waiting list including secretary approval, automated approval…or approval by any, some or all of a distribution list
  • Once new members are approved, all data is automatically added into your chosen membership system
  • New members can pay using Apple Pay, Google Pay, Direct Debit, Debit & Credit Cards
  • From initial application to fully paid up and registered member in moments

Automate Renewals

existing member billing

  • We send member a personalised email for membership renewals
  • We take into account debit/credit balances that they have at the time of renewal, so they are always billed for the correct outstanding amount
  • One click buttons to pay online, debit card, credit card, direct debit
  • Google/Apple Pay or Card payment checkout saves setting up online banking payment
  • Customised and personalised email to include links to pay by Credit/Debit card, Apple Pay and instructions for bank transfer
  • Custom payment arrangements including deposits, variable payment amount, interest free payments over a different number of months, and even individual arrangements for members with more complicated situations
  • When payments are made, your chosen membership system is automatically updated with a fully reconciled balance
  • Ability to customise start dates, age calculations, payment periods, cooling off periods, discounts for early payment, automatic recalculations for missed promotions.
  • Whatever method of payment or billing rules you have, we can do it.

Automate Payments


  • Send and re-issue bills & invoices online
  • Full payment history
  • Show members live payment schedule of upcoming payments
  • History of cancelled & failed payments
  • Automatic notifications for success, failures, retries & cancellations
  • Payment history for each member aggregating all payment types, shows bank transfers, card payments, standing order, direct debit history on one page
  • Correspondence history to show if billing emails have been received, opened or read

Automate Reconciliation

bank statement reconciliation

  • Download your bank statement and upload it into our app for those payments that are made via bank transfer or standing order
  • Algorithm learns & improves matches with bank statement references and member names
  • One click to approve & confirm matched records
  • We automatically update your chosen membership system with member payments, including complex split payments – “that was to pay for me but some of it was for the kids”
  • Fuzzy matches based on full name, partial name, email, membership number, etc. against existing member records – and for those odd cases where nothing matches and you have to identify the member manually, it remembers for next time
  • Easy manual override (on the rare occasions that is necessary) and confirmation to ensure correct & most accurate match every time

Automate Monthly Payments

custom direct debit arrangements

  • Customise and tailor your payment options
  • Billing exclusions & custom payment arrangements
  • For people that join part way thru year
  • Create payment break for illness or individuals with extenuating circumstances
  • Using direct debit is low cost, flexible and great for reconciliation
  • Custom deposit amount & non regular number of months
  • Allow for split payments (one person that pays for multiple members)
  • Very low administration effort to manage
  • Automatic notifications for success, failures, retries & cancellations
  • Customised payment pages to match your web-site branding
  • Customised bank statement references to match your club information
  • Fully GDPR & FCA compliant

Automate Accounting

accounting systems integration

  • Automatic sync of banking payments into Sage & Quickbooks
  • Automatic sync of reconciled payments into Club v1
  • No more double data entry
  • Aggregated and matched to nominal level, so all fees, bar levies, subscriptions etc. are matched at category level
  • Approve, confirm & cancel postings & transactions
  • Bulk upload into accounting system at the push of a button

Accurate Reporting

find out what your are owed

  • More accurate reporting
  • Sort, filter, search and view who owes what
  • Real-time reporting
  • Forecast future cashflow
  • Predict revenue
  • Recoup overdue bills

Web Sites for Golf Clubs

custom web-sites that generate revenue

  • “Don’t Make Me Think” is the philosophy we use for web design
  • We can improve web site design and structure to make it simple for people to join, pay and book services.
  • Modern, clean web-site design and structure
  • Customised data feeds from membership systems to display Course Status, or manage that directly within our app
  • Automate data sync with MailChimp, WordPress, Google Maps, Amazon, Azure as well as club membership systems
  • Real-time sync of course status from club systems to display on any web site
  • Not A Generic Web Site Template
  • Integrated to booking systems, Club v1, payments & accounting

Link All Your Systems

SYSTEMS integration

  • Experts in Club v1 integration
  • Make your web-site talk to Club v1, CRM, mailchimp, payments, membership systems & accounting
  • Synchronise New and Existing Members from your club management membership system
  • Automatically add new members into club management system
  • GDPR friendly data imports
  • eMail addresses validated for accuracy, bounce rates and deliverability
  • BRS Golf visitor data & email addresses migrated to club system
  • Sage, Xero, Quickbooks
  • Stripe
  • Google Spreadsheets

Telephony Systems

secure automated telephone payments

  • Get rid of taking payments over the phone & in-secure Cardholder not present
  • For people who don’t have email address, allow ability to pay securely over the phone
  • Send telephone caller to enter card details securely without revealing them to club staff to write down
  • Payment accepts, failure, retries and securely checked
  • Increase FCA compliance
  • Automatically update club system and automatic reconciliation
  • Automate payments for membership & bookings
  • Personal phone number and automated response for membership balance and settling, topping up account over the phone securely
  • Secure Member Balances ensuring that it is actual member by validating securely over Two-Factor Authentication. (only announcing member balance when member phones from recogonised phone number & also verifies using SMS code

In Person Payments

smooth, friendly & modern slick customer experience

  • Apple store type experience where people can pay for membership in person, securely and contactless
  • Take payments anywhere using iPad, Mobile phone or laptop
  • Automatic updates to club system in real time
  • Pay, top-up membership in person, in the club
  • New secure payment terminal & card reader that auto updates club system

Custom Payments & Donations

junior foundation & staff gratuity

  • Add the ability for custom & optional payment items
  • Suggest amounts to donate, non mandatory items
  • Allow members to donate to Junior Foundation
  • Allow members to donate a staff gratuity
  • One club raised over ¬£5k to support juniors just thru membership renewals