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make it simpler to manage & reconcile payments

We've worked at automating how banks and retailers automate membership applications, payments and automate reconciliation and reporting. Now you can apply that to running your club much more efficiently.

Cheaper market rates for payments, cards and direct debits.

Faster automation with flexible & customisable payment arrangements for direct debits

Higher quality systems integration, so all web-sites, payments and membership systems are in sync without any manual effort.

All Payment Methods supported & Reconciled

(Debit/Credit cards, Apple/Google Pay, Direct Debit, Standing Orders & Bank Transfers)

Configurable email notifications & reminders for late & missed payments. SMS reminders for very overdue payments

Automatic payment retries for lack of funds or rejected payments

All automatically reconciled & synchronised with your membership system

(BRS, Club v1, Intelligentgolf, VMS)

Lowest payment fees on market

fully automated reconciliation

We were lucky to work with Graeme and his team in designing our new club website over the past few months.

The transformation is second to none and already we have seen more new member requests and interaction on the site within only a few days of launching.

Our biggest challenge as a club is streamlining admin tasks and reducing the time it takes for a new member to join. We now have a website where new members can join and pay online all within a few minutes.

It’s brought our club into the modern age and for the first time ever we have a device that can match our growth and expansion over the last 2 years.

Other problems such as booking tee times more easily, open competitions, visitor outings, golf lessons or even bar and catering functions were also slow and clumsy on our old website

We now have a platform which can take the customer or member on a much quicker, more efficient and aesthetically pleasing journey from start to finish.

The service from Graeme and his team was first class.

They were always available, passionate about the project and no task was too big or too small to fix. They were with us every step of the way My advice to other clubs is if you could only afford one investment this year in infrastructure then make Graeme and his design team it

You won’t regret it


It’s simple for us. We can implement in minutes & days on your existing web-site

Still going thru bank statements every month trying to manually reconcile references ?

Automated bank statement reconciliation & matching

We’ve been doing this for high street banks for 25+ years.

We can save you the hassle of cross-checking payment references on bank statements.

We can predict payment references, match them to existing members.

One click & done.

We also automatically update your club management system for matched payments.








custom direct debits

Still using paper PDFs, Word & emails for new members?

About as much fun as three putting the 18th

Golf Club Membership Applications.
Custom direct debits
simplify back-office admin

One Button
Click Approve

We put you in control all you have to do is click approve.
We can make the back-office admin, payments, reconciliation and updating of member systems automatic.
Radically reduce repetitive tasks.
We can turn any combination of rules for membership and apply them for you.
Remove the paper, PDF, Word doc or paper membership application form
Make everything simpler for people applying and minimum admin to welcome, pay and set up new members.

Automatically apply any rules or criteria for membership application
including post code distance checking, date of birth match for membership category

Also online waiting list so you control & approve applications.

Contactless, seamless and frictionless joining experience for new members & existing members

Let your web site do the work

Golf specific web sites with modern design

Make it easier for people to check availability, pay & book without all the back -office admin, reconciliation and paperwork. 

Contactless, frictionless and simple for people to pay you for all services.

We can integrate apps, bookings, payments, catering, social media, membership systems and newsletter apps so they are all in sync. 

Remove paperwork and back-office repetitive tasks.

Make it simpler for new members, visitors and existing members.

  • Modern Design


    pro shop bookings

  • Use Video



  • Flyovers & Scorecards

    Custom Course Guides

  • Secure Payments &

    Customised Branding



People expect online tee-bookings.

Move beyond phoning the pro-shop or emailing the secretary.

Enable online bookings for Catering, Functions, Pro/Asst Pro diary for lessons.

Even social functions and prize-givings let people book tickets and pay online

We can move you from a drab, dated web site like the samples above or anything else you can image in a matter of days.

From a weekend hacker to top 10 on the tour

Check Out Our Live Demo

View working examples of web site design, booking lessons, payments & more

We went from checking over 300 payments manually every month, down to only 8.

We have over 450 members & the manual membership admin overhead for all the combinations of membership types, payment methods and charges was a nightmare.

With nooQ we've automated payments and renewals so now it only takes a few minutes to check the exceptions every month.

On top of that we also reduced our payment charges by 50%

Membership Secretary

Others can provide handicapping software & tee-booking systems
They probably gave you that dull, drab and dated web site templates that doesn't help promote your club
We don't do that.

Automated Golf Club Memberships & Reconciliation.
Great web site design. Low cost.
Ultra fast implementation.
Saving you thousands.

That's what we are experts in.

When it comes down to it

We're 40 yds longer off the tee than the competition