A Bunch of Bankers

Not in the rhyming slang way. We certainly didn’t get any bonuses either.

Although for more than twenty five years we’ve designed and built web & payments systems for companies such as RBS, Tesco Bank, Virgin Money, Lloyds & John Lewis.

We have in-depth payments expertise including Cards, Direct Debit, Standing Orders and delivering straight through processing (from starting application, authentication, rules processing, completion or cancellation and reporting) for applications such as Current Accounts, Loans, Mortgages and retail product purchases.

We have completed hundreds of projects including customer identity validation, authentication, security, encryption, fraud detection and prevention, anti money laundering, complex systems integration (up to 200 systems on one project) payments, clearing, reconciliation, debt recovery and telephony.

Ok…so we might not be the best dinner party guests, but we know a lot more than is healthy about this stuff.

The important thing is that we can bring all of this expertise to the more important party…improving your club systems & processes.

Been Membership Secretary

…and we have the scars to prove it!

We know how much goes on behind the scenes, how complicated it can be and how much effort it takes. All of the mindless paperwork & emails back and forth, manually updating different systems & spreadsheets

…wondering if all of the data is accurate. Re-calculating the age of all of your members at renewal to make sure that they are in the right category

…how to deal with members that join mid year, and the ones that want to pay differently from everyone else

…the ones that don’t pay, or for some reason make partial payments that seem completely unrelated to their expected amount!

Having so many membership options, categories, rules, prices and payment methods no wonder it can get complicated, and sometimes things can fall through the cracks.

Golf Addict

Like most golfers, it’s safe to say we are quite hooked on this frustrating game. 

Graeme has been Category 1 player since his teenage years and one point he thought he was quite good, until he played with the likes of Stephen Gallagher, Dean Robertson and Gordon Sherry who quickly put to bed any wild, fleeting notions of earning any money playing professionally. (*He did beat Gordon Sherry one time mind you)

The eternal optimist and still plays in the hope that it all comes together one day for that perfect round of golf. Not too much to ask, is it?

We Are Exceptionally Good At I.T

We’ve been technology leaders and built complex applications often involving integrating hundreds of systems together. We’ve been eating, sleeping and breathing that for over twenty five years each.

We love solving problems. We love building & designing solutions. We love all things web.

We know how every little component works and how to bring them together.

Not only that, not to blow our own trumpets but we are exceptionally good at it.

We can shape the design…not just the technology, but the business process that flows through it and is streamlined by it.

We also love photography, video, design and making your club web site miles better…as we have seen most of them and an awful lot could really do with our help.

Geeks That Get S*** Done

Other I.T. companies & golf club software companies have dull and out-dated website templates.

Some web agencies might deliver some pretty images, logos and fonts.

…and take months and many thousands of pounds to do it.

The hard part, is managing bookings, payments and making the myriad of systems, different applications and manual processes work together.

All of that complexity around membership rules, different age groups, prices, payments and keeping on top of it – we’ve solved that.

Not only that, we can implement in days.

We can give you a site to rival Royal Troon, Loch Lomond and Royal St George’s for a fraction of the price.

We're Easy To Speak To

We are known as solution architects. We can literally design, architect & build a solution to any problem.

We understand how to turn complexity into simplicity.

We can solve any complex problem, know the answer, explain multiple options or ways of achieving it, cost implications, time to complete and explain it simply in a few minutes.

Country memberships, manually checking addresses and calculating how far a postcode is from your club? The haversine formula? We’ve solved that for you.

Automatically populating members into your chosen club management system? We’ve solved that.

Automatically capturing an electronic payment after approving a member? Solved.

Reconciling seemingly random manual payments on a bank statement? Solved that too. 

Want us to automate telephony system, accounting, fraud and process it in milliseconds securely, yip we know that too.

Want us to update membership & billing systems with those that have paid, and email you a summary for any, *ahem*, more tardy payers? Guess what…solved that too!

We always love a fresh challenge. We’re a “PROBLEM friendly” bunch.