Golf Club Memberships Management Software

how to transform your golf club to automate membership payments, bookings & reconciliation

apple pay & google pay No more data entry. Save time each month & play more golf Make renewals modern & simpler process for members and staff all payment types reconciled with club v1 & intelligentgolf Not just one or two payment methods

let us take the strain of chasing payments

Automated reminders, notifications and even SMS for late payers

We can save you thousands

Our membership reporting recovered £58k for two clubs

Do you dread the annual renewal process for your golf club members?

We have the perfect solution – nooQ Golf Memberships Management software.

Our software automates all of the notifications, reminders, and record-keeping so you can focus on what’s important – running your club.

With our software, billing, reconciliation, payments and accounting are a breeze. You’ll be able to take advantage of our low bank rates and get paid quickly and easily. Plus, our software is customizable to meet your unique needs.

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For 25+ years we have been building systems for banks, retailers and even governments to process thousands of applications, payments and reporting.

  • We now offer these solutions in nooQ Golf to make it much simpler to manage and run your golf club
  • Most golf club member management software cannot process or automate all payment types, nor can they reconcile and integrate with all your payments and accounting systems. nooQ Golf can.
  • It is simple to reconcile twelve even payments. Although most golf clubs, need more complexity than that.
  • Other companies cannot tell who that strange BACS payment was on your bank statement
  • We can even deal with cash payments, in person payments and telephone payments in a secure & completly 100% FCA compliant manner

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Easily Automate New Member Applications

new member applications

Make it simple, welcoming and a pleasant experience for new members. We can onboard members in minutes even giving any club officials an approval step before accepting a new member. A paperless process, new members are sent custom joining instructions, a welcome email and any payment, deposit and joining fees taken online. 
  • Fully automated New Member Applications
  • Customised and personalised application form
  • All online form fields are validated to match your specific membership rules, so only the appropriate membership types are offered
  • Post code distance calculation for Country Membership  against valid UK postcode
  • Secure and compliant payment capture and validation of debit/credit card/bank account details
  • Online waiting list including secretary approval, automated approval…or approval by any, some or all of a distribution list
  • Once new members are approved, all data is automatically added into your chosen membership system
  • New members can pay using Apple Pay, Google Pay, Direct Debit, Debit & Credit Cards
  • From initial application to fully paid up and registered member in moments

Existing Golf Member Management

existing member billing & renewals made simple

For renewals we make it simple for the member and even simpler for the back office secretary, finance and admin staff. No more data entry and updating lists, spreadsheets and email reminders for months during annual renewals. We can automate all the notifications, reminders, updating of membership records and accounting systems so you can get paid with minimal fuss and effort.  

  • We send member a personalised email for membership renewals
  • We take into account debit/credit balances that they have at the time of renewal, so they are always billed for the correct outstanding amount
  • One click buttons to pay online, debit card, credit card, direct debit
  • Google/Apple Pay or Card payment checkout saves setting up online banking payment
  • Customised and personalised email to include links to pay by Credit/Debit card, Apple Pay and instructions for bank transfer
  • Custom payment arrangements including deposits, variable payment amount, interest free payments over a different number of months, and even individual arrangements for members with more complicated situations
  • When payments are made, your chosen membership system is automatically updated with a fully reconciled balance
  • Ability to customise start dates, age calculations, payment periods, cooling off periods, discounts for early payment, automatic recalculations for missed promotions.
  • Whatever method of payment or billing rules you have, we can do it.

Golf club memberships software for billing and payments


  • Send and re-issue bills & invoices online
  • Full payment history
  • Show members live payment schedule of upcoming payments
  • History of cancelled & failed payments
  • Automatic notifications for success, failures, retries & cancellations
  • Payment history for each member aggregating all payment types, shows bank transfers, card payments, standing order, direct debit history on one page
  • Correspondence history to show if billing emails have been received, opened or read
  • Manual payments automatically updated in Club System
  • Memberships can be paid for in person, card or direct debit processed in person and updated club membership system in seconds
  • Members can pay cash, card, direct debit, standing order via telephone, online & in person
  • We can process and reconcile every payment method and update club membership system automatically
  • Present bill, invoice and pay in person, online, cash or over the telephone

Accounting & Reconciliation Now Fully Automatic for Golf Clubs

bank statement reconciliation

  • Download your bank statement and upload it into our app for those payments that are made via bank transfer or standing order
  • Algorithm learns & improves matches with bank statement references and member names
  • One click to approve & confirm matched records
  • We automatically update your chosen membership system with member payments, including complex split payments – “that was to pay for me but some of it was for the kids”
  • Fuzzy matches based on full name, partial name, email, membership number, etc. against existing member records – and for those odd cases where nothing matches and you have to identify the member manually, it remembers for next time
  • Easy manual override (on the rare occasions that is necessary) and confirmation to ensure correct & most accurate match every time

Automate Monthly Payments

custom direct debit arrangements

  • Customise and tailor your payment options
  • Billing exclusions & custom payment arrangements
  • For people that join part way thru year
  • Create payment break for illness or individuals with extenuating circumstances
  • Using direct debit is low cost, flexible and great for reconciliation
  • Custom deposit amount & non regular number of months
  • Allow for split payments (one person that pays for multiple members)
  • Very low administration effort to manage
  • Automatic notifications for success, failures, retries & cancellations
  • Customised payment pages to match your web-site branding
  • Customised bank statement references to match your club information
  • Fully GDPR & FCA compliant

Automate Accounting

accounting systems integration

  • Automatic sync of banking payments into Sage & Quickbooks
  • Automatic sync of reconciled payments into Club v1
  • No more double data entry
  • Aggregated and matched to nominal level, so all fees, bar levies, subscriptions etc. are matched at category level
  • Approve, confirm & cancel postings & transactions
  • Bulk upload into accounting system at the push of a button

Accurate Reporting

find out what your are owed

  • More accurate reporting
  • Sort, filter, search and view who owes what
  • Real-time reporting
  • Forecast future cashflow
  • Predict revenue
  • Recoup overdue bills

Telephony Systems

secure automated telephone payments

  • Get rid of taking payments over the phone & in-secure Cardholder not present
  • For people who don’t have email address, allow ability to pay securely over the phone
  • Send telephone caller to enter card details securely without revealing them to club staff to write down
  • Payment accepts, failure, retries and securely checked
  • Increase FCA compliance
  • Automatically update club system and automatic reconciliation
  • Automate payments for membership & bookings
  • Personal phone number and automated response for membership balance and settling, topping up account over the phone securely
  • Secure Member Balances ensuring that it is actual member by validating securely over Two-Factor Authentication. (only announcing member balance when member phones from recogonised phone number & also verifies using SMS code

In Person Payments

smooth, friendly & modern slick customer experience

  • Apple store type experience where people can pay for membership in person, securely and contactless
  • Take payments anywhere using iPad, Mobile phone or laptop
  • Automatic updates to club system in real time
  • Pay, top-up membership in person, in the club
  • New secure payment terminal & card reader that auto updates club system

Secure Cloud System

Access from any device

  • 24/7 Access from any browser, mobile, laptop or tablet
  • Ensure payments security & FCA Compliant
  • Encrypted end-to-end payment terminals
  • Multi-factor Payment verification
  • Controlled system access

Club Events

event bookings & payments

  • For club events, prize-givings, social events & catering
  • Online diary
  • Approvals & Confirmations
  • Deposits & Full payment
  • Cash & Card Payments