Golf Club Accounting Software

how to transform your golf club to automate payments, bookings & reconciliation with accounting software

accurate monthly reporting No more data entry. Save time each month & play more golf We can apply your custom rules to give you confidence, trust & transactions reconciled
All done for you. Accurate Reporting &


Bank Statement

Automated sync with club systems

Quickbooks, Sage & Xero

We provide golf club accounting software, covering all your club’s needs, from recording all members payments, transaction types, category of payment then reconciling all transactions with your accounting software (Sage, Quickbooks, Xero). 

Automatically post nominal level aggregations or transaction level postings into your accounting ledger.  

We support Sage, Quickbooks and Xero currently. If you need other accounting software, let us know. 

For a full list of current features see below

Accounting Software Integration to Sage

Customer case study

We did extensive work on automating Renishaw Park accounting from Club v1 into Sage accounting. 

An exciting feature is the ability to not only reconcile the bank statement with club systems, we will now also reconcile all that with Sage accounting software also without any need to re-key, copy paste or enter all the data again. At the flick of a switch, once you have approved positions, we will send all updates into Sage as well. 

They have given their members the ability to automatically pay via any method, reconcile bank statements, standing orders, bank transfers, debit/credit cards, direct debits and update all members records accurately. Not only that, we also update your club membership systems (Club v1, Intelligentgolf, VMS) automatically for you and update Sage as well.

When we first came across nooQ Golf we wondered if it was too good to be true.

We can conclude that it isn't, everything promised has been delivered and I would highly recommend nooQ Golf.

Automate Accounting

accounting software integration

  • Automatic sync of banking payments from Club Member system into Sage, Quickbooks & Xero
  • Automatic sync of reconciled payments into Club v1
  • No more double data entry
  • Aggregated and matched to nominal level, so all fees, bar levies, subscriptions etc. are matched at category level
  • Approve, confirm & cancel postings & transactions
  • Bulk upload into accounting system at the push of a button

Automate Reconciliation

bank statement reconciliation

  • Download your bank statement and upload it into our app for those payments that are made via bank transfer or standing order
  • Algorithm learns & improves matches with bank statement references and member names
  • One click to approve & confirm matched records
  • We automatically update your chosen membership system with member payments, including complex split payments – “that was to pay for me but some of it was for the kids”
  • Fuzzy matches based on full name, partial name, email, membership number, etc. against existing member records – and for those odd cases where nothing matches and you have to identify the member manually, it remembers for next time
  • Easy manual override (on the rare occasions that is necessary) and confirmation to ensure correct & most accurate match every time

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Automate Monthly Payments

custom direct debit arrangements

  • Customise and tailor your payment options
  • Billing exclusions & custom payment arrangements
  • For people that join part way thru year
  • Create payment break for illness or individuals with extenuating circumstances
  • Using direct debit is low cost, flexible and great for reconciliation
  • Custom deposit amount & non regular number of months
  • Allow for split payments (one person that pays for multiple members)
  • Very low administration effort to manage
  • Automatic notifications for success, failures, retries & cancellations
  • Customised payment pages to match your web-site branding
  • Customised bank statement references to match your club information
  • Fully GDPR & FCA compliant

Automate Payments


  • Send and re-issue bills & invoices online
  • Full payment history
  • Show members live payment schedule of upcoming payments
  • History of cancelled & failed payments
  • Automatic notifications for success, failures, retries & cancellations
  • Payment history for each member aggregating all payment types, shows bank transfers, card payments, standing order, direct debit history on one page
  • Correspondence history to show if billing emails have been received, opened or read

Accurate Reporting

find out what your are owed

  • More accurate reporting
  • Sort, filter, search and view who owes what
  • Real-time reporting
  • Forecast future cashflow
  • Predict revenue
  • Recoup overdue bills

Balance The Books

aggregate or transaction level

  • Balance and match at category level
  • Support for Club Systems, BRS Golf & Intelligent Golf
  • Transaction level matching
  • Automated posting into accounting ledger
  • Support for 
    • Sage
    • Quickbooks
    • Xero

Link All Your Systems

membership integration

  • Synchronise New and Existing Members from your club management membership system
  • Experts in Club v1 integration
  • Automatically update member names, email addresses, phone numbers
  • Validate members ages are correct for membership category
  • Automatically add new members into club management system
  • GDPR friendly data imports
  • eMail addresses validated for accuracy, bounce rates and deliverability
  • BRS Golf visitor data & email addresses migrated to club system