Flexible Direct Debit Options for Golf Clubs: No Credit Checks, Just Seamless Payments


Golf clubs have always been the epitome of elegance, tradition, and sophistication. Yet, as the world evolves and consumer expectations change, even the most historic institutions must adapt. One such domain in which golf clubs are increasingly feeling the need for modernization is payment options. As a leading software company dedicated to golf club management, we’re excited to unveil our comprehensive payment solutions tailored specifically for golf clubs.

Direct Debit Payments: The Future of Recurring Payments

Gone are the days when members had to remember due dates or scramble at the last moment to make payments. With our Direct Debit payment option, we empower golf clubs to seamlessly collect recurring fees. Members can authorize the club to automatically deduct funds from their accounts, ensuring timely payments and hassle-free renewals.

Flexible Payment Schedules: Catering to Every Member's Need

We recognize that not all members have the same financial routines. Hence, we’ve introduced the option to spread payments:

  • Monthly: Ideal for members who prefer smaller, consistent payments.
  • Quarterly: A balanced approach, less frequent than monthly but not as long-term as annual.
  • Bi-Annually: Some of our clubs give members options of paying in full or in two payments spread over the year
  • Annually Pay in Full: The simplest option of paying in full, we automatically update Club member system for you whether they have paid via Standing Order, Bank transfers, cash, card, in person or on the phone. We can cater for ALL payment methods and reconcile them for you.
  • Deposit and Monthly Payments: Another method our clubs use pay a upfront deposit then split the remaining balance over a set number of months.
  • Custom Arrangements: For people that have special or mitigating circumstances, we can create special arrangements, payments that dont start for a number of months, different monthly amount, different deposit or even spread over longer period, whatever option works for you we can support it. If someone is ill or needs to temporarily pause their membership we can exclude from billing and automatically resume on pre-determined date.

Deposits & Full Payments: Choices Galore

Every member’s financial position is unique. Some might prefer to secure their membership by paying a deposit first, while others might opt to pay in full. Our software offers both these options, giving members the flexibility to choose based on their convenience.

No Credit Checks: Trust and Transparency

In line with our commitment to ensure that every member feels valued and trusted, our system does not mandate credit checks for payment approvals. This ensures a faster payment process and safeguards members’ financial privacy. Whether members choose to pay in installments or in full, their credit history remains untouched, and the trust between the club and its members remains intact.


No credit checks & no 7-10% interest charges.


Simpler back office processing.


Using our methods we can reduce the effort for back office & reduce the cost for members annual subscriptions by around £100.


Everyone’s a winner!


Modern challenges require modern solutions. As the financial landscape diversifies and the needs of club members evolve, it’s imperative for golf clubs to adapt. With our comprehensive payment solutions, golf clubs can not only ensure seamless financial transactions but also enhance the member experience manifold. Together, let’s step into a future where every member feels valued, every payment is hassle-free, and golf clubs flourish like never before.


Reach out to us today to discover how our software can revolutionize your club’s payment processes and elevate the membership experience to new heights.