Excellent value & no hestitation to recommend to others

New web site powered by nooQ Golf & Golf Genius

Challenges & Issues with the old site


“The main issues encountered were when we needed certain things uploaded to the website, for example, Safe Golf Accreditation, E, D & I Policy, County Handbook- this was frustrating as we had to contact the website developer and ask that these updates were made. Naturally and understandably, they could not always be carried out quickly, which not always ideal. We had times where we had dated content or out of date information on the website, which was not a professional look.”

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Excellent to work with. Responsive and helpful. Solution driven.

The back office admin of our new website is intuitive and easy to use. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend nooQ Golf to other organisations wishing to migrate to a new site.


Partnering with Golf Genius, we embarked on a comprehensive website overhaul. The migration process was meticulously planned to ensure no data was lost, and the content was transferred seamlessly. There were over 300 old competitions, 2500 files, 2000 images, 9 email accounts, 50k emails and 550 web pages to migrate.

We managed to restructure the site, reorganise what was needed and what could be archived.

The new platform introduced advanced capabilities, including:

  • Live Scoring: Members and visitors can now access real-time scores during competitions, enhancing the overall experience using Golf Genius live leaderboards.
  • Competition Management: Organizing and managing tournaments has become more efficient, with automated processes and easy access to essential data. Moving from paper, PDF and email submissions to online registration and payment.
  • Event Management: Scheduling and promoting events is now streamlined, allowing for better member engagement.
  • Inter County & Inter Club League Matches: The new system supports the management of club leagues, ensuring accurate and timely updates. Match results are submitted online and league tables, fixtures and match reports are all automatically updated with minimal admin to verify and cross check results. Again moving from excel, PDFs and emails which can be difficult to view especially on mobiles.
  • Northern Counties League Match – online demo

What’s been the difference ?

The new web site has significantly modernized Northumberland Golf’s digital presence. They now enjoy a robust, future-proof platform that not only preserves its rich history but also meets contemporary demands.

“We held semi regular meetings over a long period before a concerted effort to go live before the start of the playing season saw a more targeted approach from both parties towards the final month or so. Target dates were met and the site has been operational without downtime and straight transition with very few issues. 

More modern site, improved integration with Golf Genius software, more streamlined content with a more aesthetically pleasing presentation.

Positive feedback from both external public and internal volunteers, as well as some other County bodies.”

I would without question recommend Graeme and nooQ Golf, the building process was very organised with regular zoom meetings and any queries raised since have been deal with promptly and without issue. Graeme has been very patient and always understanding. I feel the product, service and aftercare represent excellent value and would have no hesitation in using the company again.
Simon Coultas Secretary
Northumberland Golf Union