Golf Club Membership Renewals Made Simple

Annual golf club membership renewals can take some clubs, months to make sure all the money is in the bank, reconciled, direct debits correct, bank statement references checked. Later payers chased up, cancellations taken off and all the manual data entry updates to Clubv1, VMS or your member system.

There’s cheaper, faster and better ways than how Club v1 performs a billing run.

We have the cheapest payments methods for club & member. Up to 50% cheaper than GoCardless & SagePay. 

It’s not the sending of the bill that’s difficult. It’s all the reconciliation, reminders, chasing, being sure if everyone has paid correctly and keeping on top of it all that’s the pain. We’ve got that nailed.

Automatic email and SMS reminders only for those that haven’t paid.

Outstanding balances (debit or credit) taken into account automatically too.

All renewals reconciled from all payment methods AND updated to Club v1 automatically. 

All configured on your existing web-site in one day

We managed to significantly change one golf club who were manually updating 87% of member payments every month, from reconciling hundreds of payments from the bank statement to an automated reconciliation process where they received a weekly email with under 25 outstanding payments to cross check. From 87% payments checked manually down to less than 5%.

See how West Lothian Golf club improved from 8% automatic processing to over 98%, using nooQ Golf to automate Club v1 tasks, get simple payment methods and fully reconciled. 

If you want to sit back and have all payments in the bank, no paperwork, no chasing

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