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Club v1 admin overhead down to under one hour per month

Reduced FCA Regulations, Interest Payments & Direct Debit Float

The nooQ payment system has enabled us to efficiently manage the renewal process not only at the ‘renewal date’ but also every month on a rolling basis. We spend less than an hour a month now, as nooQ Golf has automated Club v1 admin. Automating all bills, monthly payments, sending reminders, applying payments as received and automating overdue account chases.

As well as reducing management time it has improved our accuracy. I am now confident in giving the Board accurate up to date numbers. I can also reassure them that bills are sent and debtors managed according to our system without anyone falling through the net. As well as chasing the overdue payments, nooQ will automatically restrict members access to card balances and tee bookings if they fall a month in arrears and flag this up to me. That allows us to automate our credit management system at a time where there is a possibility of a significant increase in members who pay monthly considering their options.

There is also the added benefit of having Club v1 reconciled automatically into our accounting package Quickbooks. We now have all nominal level categories aggregated accurately for all charge items,  so it now only takes a few minutes for our Quickbooks accounts to be updated accurately and reconciled with positions in Club v1.

One other key benefit it that nooQ Golf allows us to offer recurring card payments or Direct Debits without having to charge the end user (member) interest and fees but also without the club taking on the burden of FCA regulations. This is a huge benefit to our members and through the integration with Club V1 admin happens without any intervention from staff on a monthly basis.

As well as reducing management time it has improved our accuracy. We now fully trust the financial reports we present to the board.

Making it simpler to Focus On Overdue Bills

uncovering what you didn't know you were still owed

It’s a nice feeling like putting on a jacket you’ve not worn for a while and finding money in the pocket.

Many clubs struggle with their club management systems reporting, so when we showed St Ives they were owed thousands, that puts a smile on any club manager’s face.

We are very adept in finding things in data that weren’t easy to find before. 

So it makes the business case pretty simple when we can make it more obvious & accurate what you are owed . Our solution more than paid for itself in the first month.

Experience Using nooQ Golf

technical, business & regulatory experience

nooQ Golf has taken managing membership renewals to a new level by automating all of the elements that were previously reliant on time consuming and inaccurate human intervention. As well as sending the bills and flagging up any errors in those bills, it has a simple click through solution to allow members to make payments. It then automatically applies those payments to Club v1.

This is further enhanced by a simple but comprehensive reporting system for under payments or non payments. I can instantly see who owes what and I can send or resend the bills to get them up to date.

David and Graeme have been a pleasure to work with so far. They understand not only the technical and programming side of the business but also the regulatory elements that can be so complex for a golf club to manage when offering different payment solutions.

They have readily made adjustments to the system and our interaction with it to ensure it provides everything we need in a user-friendly interface.

Challenges of Reconciliation & Club v1 Admin

how we used to do it previously

50% of renewals were managed through the Club V1 database at a set date in July. The remaining 50% were monthly on the anniversary of their joining.

We used the built in system Club v1 to change prices, raise bills and email the bills to members. This worked relatively well to send the bills but if failed to highlight any errors on the bill and led to complicated reconciliations upon receipt of payment. We had to manually reconcile a number of payment solutions (Direct Debit, Bank transfer, Card in the shop, cheques etc.). This complex reconciliation meant that staying on top of payments received and more importantly payments not received was a slow process and prone to human error.

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